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*Hemp-derived products have not been tested or approved by the FDA for their intended use.

How to Make CBD Lotion

Applying CBD topical to areas where you are suffering from joint or muscle pain can be a great, natural solution. It’s probably easiest just to buy CBD lotion but it can be pretty gratifying to do the legwork yourself, so if you want to learn how to make CBD lotion, then we have fairly easy to follow instructions here. It just takes a little time and effort, so you decide what works best for you. Leave it to the professionals or do it yourself. In order to make CBD lotion, you must start with a salve.


How to Make CBD Salve

It should be noted that the following is a hemp recipe but it can be used to make either CBD or marijuana-infused salve. If you prefer THC in your topical (and if it is legal where you live), then feel free to use marijuana instead of hemp flower in this concoction. Here are the ingredients you will need to make CBD salve:

  • 15-20 grams of dried hemp cannabis

  • 3 cups of coconut oil

  • 2/3 cup of olive oil

  • 2/3 cup of beeswax

To make these ingredients into a salve, you’re going to need a few common cooking supplies (saucepan, baking sheet, mason jar) and one not-so-common component (cheesecloth). This recipe makes quite a bit but if you’re going to put in the work, why not go big? If this is your first time, maybe go with half measurements until you have the process nailed down.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Grind up the dried hemp until it’s a fine substance.

  2. Preheat your oven to 225 degrees.

  3. Spread the ground hemp flower across the baking sheet, evenly distributed. If you use foil underneath the hemp, then it becomes easier to pour into the saucepan in step 6.

  4. Bake the hemp grounds for an hour. This process is called decarboxylation.

  5. Mix the coconut oil and olive oil over low heat in the saucepan. We recommend that you begin this process before the hemp grounds are done decarboxylating. Stir continuously.

  6. Pull the hemp grounds from the oven and mix them with the oils in the saucepan. Continue to stir it, almost non-stop for 25 minutes. It’s OK to stop if you need a break, but you want it to be fairly continuous and don’t take a long break. This part is tedious, and it’s a big reason why it might be easier to just buy CBD lotion. If you’re doing this with marijuana and not hemp, then you want to be very careful not to let it overheat, because you’ll diminish the potency of it by burning off the THC.

  7. This is where you need the cheesecloth. Use it as a strainer to pour your concoction into the mason jar.

  8. You can use the same saucepan for this; melt the beeswax on low heat while slowly adding the contents of the mason jar. When they are completely mixed together, pour them back into the mason jar or whatever container you’d like to store the salve in.

How to Make CBD Salve into CBD Lotion

 This recipe is simple once you’ve created the salve. For this process, you are going to need:

  • A little over 4 cups of CBD salve

  • 2 cups of aloe vera gel

  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter

  • 2 teaspoons of vitamin E oil

No step-by-step guide is necessary. All you do is mix these components together, and if it’s not fluid enough, add a little more vitamin E oil. If you have it in your mind that you’re going to put this CBD lotion in a pump bottle, it’s probably going to be too thick for that, and we do not recommend it.

Enjoy Your Homemade CBD Lotion

If you are wanting to make a business out of selling CBD products, CBD lotion needs to be in your product lineup, whether you have a store or are just trying to make a little extra scratch at the farmer’s market. It also makes a great gift. For whatever reason, homemade presents are so much more impressive.